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Are you literally allowing hackers in through your front door?

A parcel delivered to your mail room or house could  introduce a big cybersecurity threat. 

Criminals can hide tiny, lightweight devices inside parcels that will try to hack into your company network, even if you haven't opened the box. Maybe a package has been dropped off outside the front door of your CEO’s home, sitting within range of their home wi-fi. Or a gift could conceal such a device. 

These low-cost, low-power devices are easy for hackers to build and conceal in a parcel, or even stuffed into a child's toy. The devices work in close proximity, and once you've accepted them into your building the hacker can access your critical information. 

It's not like you'll spot suspicious characters lurking near your building - they could be the other side of the country.

Our IBM X-Force Red security researchers built and tested these warshipping devices to expose the risk. They'll show you examples, explain how they are packaged and received, and describe the build process they used. 

They also have suggestions for ways you can reduce or remove the risk to your business and your home.


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