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Virtual agents in the call centre

"Your call is important to us." So Watson won't keep you waiting.

"Mr Watson, come here - I want to see you" were famously the words used by Alexander Graham Bell when successfully testing his invention, the telephone. 

Now, come and see how IBM Watson powers cognitive chat bots that transform the experience of phoning a call centre. 

Cognitive chat bots are "virtual agents." They improve the way people can get help, ask questions, or place orders. They're available around the clock, and you can talk to them in a conversational fashion. These virtual agents are already helping people through web pages, mobile applications, and via social media. But there was still one large area where you couldn't interact with them - over the phone. 

We've developed IBM Voice Agent with Watson, to take those same virtual agents you interact with on the web, in apps, or in social channels, and let them talk to you over the phone. Businesses can now extend the benefits they got with those virtual agents elsewhere, and improve their customers' experience of contacting them by phone. 

Come and interact with Watson over the phone yourself. And discover how easy it is to build a virtual agent to provide the same level of support, no matter how your customer gets in touch. 


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