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Twin peeks

Digital insights into your buildings using AR, VR, and IoT

Imagine a fully immersive experience that replicates your buildings. Rooms, hallways, corridors, windows, doorways, furniture are all shown, with additional information overlayed as you navigate the layout.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR and VR) gives you the sense of physically being in a place. Peruse your property without having to leave your computer. 

Walking the site with a printed floor plan is thing of the past when you have a digital twin of your building. 

IBM Business Partners Scanetic and NavVis are creating a digital twin of Hursley. They're working with the Hursley Concierge team to overlay the data so that visitors, contractors, or IBM staff can identify a room, event or person - and get directions on how to get there. 

There are additional benefits, too: modelling potential new layouts of existing rooms, conducting asset surveys, insurance control models, and more. The data captured belongs to the client, so they can use it in whatever way they can image. 

And if you still want that floor plan? You can have that too. Or maybe you'd prefer a dollhouse view of the whole building, where you can zoom in on a particular area. 

The computer vision based indoor positioning technology created by NavVis is based on years of academic research. Scanetic are a solutions partner specialising in application development that allows disparate data sources, such as IBM Maximo, to be integrated into a single point of reference. 

Come and see how we can combine Internet of Things (IoT) information about assets and their scanned locations to bring a building to life in its digital twin.


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