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Transform care through smart technology

Making independent home living possible, and possible for longer

There's a way to transform the delivery of care for those who are elderly, infirm, or living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and to enable early release from hospital for others where monitoring is required.

We can make independent home living possible, and possible for longer, leading to happier and healthier lives. 

Karantis360 is an IBM Business Partner that provide this assisted living solution. It uses intelligent, battery-free IoT sensors, and wirelessly delivers alerts and care reports on phones or tablets to carers and family members.

IBM and Karantis360 work with EnOcean, the global leader in battery-less activity sensors. Our IoT solution puts smart to work in healthcare.  It combines Karantis360’s expertise in elderly care, personal monitoring and alert handling; EnOcean's self-powered movement, door, pressure, humidity/temperature sensors and alert buttons; and secure IBM Cloud hosting, with smart artificial intelligence technologies. 

They all combine in a system that delivers smarter care with confidentiality and data security.
Come and see how it can reduce the admin burden for carers and increase the levels of transparency for family members and providers, and unite agencies, caregivers, clients, and their families to benefit all.


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