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VR robot builder

Create your own TJBot with Virtual Reality

TJBot is an open-source project for makers, creators and thinkers to explore the potential of Watson, in a fun and easy way. 

It's a DIY kit with a cardboard cutout, a Raspberry Pi and a variety of add-ons – including a RGB LED light, a microphone, servo motor, and cameras to build TJBot. If you want to make your own TJBot in real life, try it here

Or you can try out our Virtual Reality version at the Festival. Assemble the TJBot using a virtual 3-D printer! Once you've created your robot, you can then see through his eyes and control him.

It's a demo of what we can do in our Hursley Maker Space, and uses the latest VR tech and Unity development. So come on over, pop on a headset, and start building!


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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