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Think about Thingable 

All the right connections with a zero code IoT platform 

Getting your Internet of Things projects up and running is one thing. Getting them to run at scale is another. 

Business partner Net4  is an IoT solutions provider that manages an ecosystem of partners. Their Low Code IoT Platform offering uses embedded IBM IoT solutions and an easy-to-use deployment environment, so you can create new apps in minutes - without programming!

Net4 works with a multitude of manufacturers and a catalogue of more than 100 sensors and devices that provide a solution for almost any requirement - accelerometers, air quality, humidity, infra red, GPS, smoke, moisture, and carbon dioxide to name just a few.

You can track assets at ports, warehouses, car parks - capture usage and location data and transmit it wirelessly to cloud, where operations personnel can view it on web dashboards. Or identify anomalies in manufacturing and life sciences processes, tracking electrical, vibration, sound, and temperature data. Instrument and track fleets of trains, ships, plans, trucks, buses.. even herds of cattle. And use predictive maintenance to spot potential equipment problems in always-on equipment. 

Come and see some of them at the Festival, and realise how fast you can make the right connections. 


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