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Technology can be child's play

Our schools programmes inspire over a thousand every year

We think it's important that kids are aware of how our world works. The best way to understand that is to use it for themselves. If we want a tech-literate future workforce, we must inspire children and enable educators - particularly before children (or their parents) choose their GCSE courses. 

For more than two decades, we have run events in Hursley or on-site in primary and secondary schools. Each year, more than a thousand kids get to take part, meet technical role models, use the latest technologies, and have fun. 

It's more than just "Bring Your Child To Work Day" (but we also do that).  It goes beyond career talks from inspiring role models in our business (though we do those, too). And it's broader than organising work experience (yes, we have over a hundred of those each year).

Children get to try out programing with machine learning and AI. They build chat bots with IBM Watson and IBM Cloud technology. They experiment with the Internet of Things. They use design thinking to devise solutions for global challenges or problems here at home, and present them to our tech gurus.

And we make these resources available to schools in the UK, and around the world, through the worldwide IBM Volunteers scheme.

Talk to our Schools Outreach team about the range and variety of our work to inspire the workforce of the future. 


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