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Talking things

What if machines could text each other?

We take for granted that we can send each other text messages. Every modern phone can send and receive SMS text messages. So what if machines could do that, too?

IBM Business Partner ThingStream is working with us on solutions that connect the Internet of Things in a similar way. Their global low-power solution lets IoT devices simply connect to the strongest GSM network available, in nearly 200 countries across more than 600 networks. 

It's a unique combination of MQTT and USSD messaging protocols. Because it doesn't depend on the internet, things are inherently more secure, while still providing high availability with a global messaging platform.

When data is sent to IBM Watson IoT Platform, applications can then use it for further deep analysis and integration. ThingStream has an ecosystem of other partners, too. 

Come and look at examples of the devices that do this, securely and in real-time.  See how two-way intelligent communication between device and IoT application makes this ideal for mass IoT deployments.


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