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Talk: Project Galasa

One-button testing for hybrid cloud environments

Unit testing is straightforward. Integration testing’s more complicated. And if your environment spans multiple platforms, data integrity and deployment are even harder.

What if you could run an integration test across your hybrid cloud environment at the push of a button?

The Customer Information Control System (CICS) team has faced this kind of complexity for years. So they imagined a one-button solution. Then they built it. Now they want to share it.

CICS started life an online transaction monitor to facilitate update to centralised customer records repositories. For fifty years it has evolved and innovated to stay current and vital to customer in all industries all over the world. Each and every day, CICS secures tens of billions of online transactions - and our development team continues to innovate.

James Davies will introduce Project Galasa, built in Hursley and ready to tackle the second chapter of hybrid cloud application deployment. (Bonus points if you know why it’s called Galasa.)

James joined IBM as a graduate hire last year, and is the newest member of the CICS Infrastructure and Test team. Previously he worked for IBM on an industral placement in release engineering for distributed development.


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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