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Are you sitting comfortably?

Your employees will tell you if they care for the environment 

Sensors and thermometers in your office building will only tell you so much. You can get personal feedback from another source: the occupants. 

The people using the offices and conference rooms in a building have opinions. They know what it;s like once they've moved in and started using the place after the space was first set up. They're part of the feedback loop. You can get them to provide their input when they have it, as soon as they want to, with a mobile app. 

IBM business partner KnowHow Information has a platform called entelligently® that does just that. They developed it in conjunction with PCSG Ltd., and it uses the IBM Cloud. The service is used in buildings across the UK, and we're talking to them about it for our latest refurbishments in Hursley. 

It offers automated, intelligent, workplace environment control to improve the occupants' wellbeing, help manage energy costs, and reduce carbon emissions. So by caring for their working environment, they're helping the wider environment.

The more you use entelligently, the smarter your building becomes. It gets information from the occupants in just three clicks, and provides feedback in the context of other information such as internal sensor and weather data. They call this feedback "personalised predictions of pending comfort."  

Come and talk to us about it at the festival - and find out what a "Snudge" is.


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