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Every day's a school day

Can artificial intelligence help us learn better?

For decades humans have been helping machines become smarter. Is it time to return the favour? Perhaps artificial intelligence can help us humans learn better. 

Our project aims to do that with a "Study Buddy."

Every day's a school day, because we're always learning. Companies talk about "continuing professional development" (CPD) through classes, mentoring, and daily experience.

But humans have terrible intuition about what works well for learning. The very things that make us feel good and believe we're learning well are often what prevent us recalling the information later on. Whereas things that help us retain information feel difficult at the time we're learning, and that's not a great motivation to do them.  

We know that how you perform when learning isn't a reliable indicator of your future ability to remember stuff.

"Study Buddy" is inspired by research into psychology of learning, memory and education. It uses AI and machine learning that includes:                    

  • Analysis of our learning materials using natural language analysis and image recognition
  • Presentation of info in alternative forms, such as mind maps and semantic networks
  • Suggestions about the best time to practice recalling concepts
  • Additional learning resources to extend our understanding and link to things we've already learned
  • Motivation to persevere, by showing analysis of positive effects and a view of long-term performance..

It was developed with IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding, IBM Watson Studio, and IBM Watson Knowledge Studio.

Come and see Study Buddy helping to school a human companion, and talk to our inventor about the theory and technology behind the idea. It's bound to be a demo you'll remember.


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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