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Reading in the dark

A secure way to keep your team up-to-date


You want your team to have the latest information, education, key data and events when they are out of the office. It's essential that they're up-to-date on what your company is doing to improve your service to the client.

Most of us take that for granted. Even if we're working permanently on a client site, we'll have access to the internet, or our own company intranet through a virtual private network. But not in a "dark shop," where a client strictly limits access for security purposes.

Our Client Innovation Center team faced this problem, and created an "IBM News" application. It securely delivers relevant information to our on-site staff, to help start conversations with the clients about technology, research, and market trends.

A Java application  checks IBM news sources for new stories, and packages them up in PDFs and the lightweight data-interchange format JSON. A React front end allows the application to run in client locations that do not have internet access. 

You can see an emulation of the interface on this external demo version in the IBM Cloud: 

Now our people can "read in the dark" without compromising client security.



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