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Easy AI progarmming for non-programmers

Learning to code is a barrier for many who want to innovate with software. Most busy people are accomplished in their own profession, they are not programmers - and they think they don't have time to learn to code.

Students and faculty staff at the University of Sheffield have worked with IBM technology and an IBM Senior Inventor to extend Quando. It's a visual, block-based framework for people to create digital interactions without programming skills. 

Non-coders can use Quando to build applications direction on IBM Cloud, using IBM Watson services including image recognition, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and sentiment analysis to create Augmented Reality (AR) adventure games. It can incorporate pattern recognition and training to detect EEG brain patterns. 

Now smart professionals can quickly create apps for their particular business needs using, technologies like IBM Watson's artificial intelligence capabilities that they may have thought were beyond their reach. It puts useful new tools in the hands of smart professionals in a wider range of industries.

Come and talk to the team, and see how straightforward they have made it to apply technology in business.


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