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Find fuel and fill up faster at the best price with this AI app

You can spend almost as much on car fuel as you do on gas and electricity. What if you could save yourself hundreds of pounds a year by getting personalised fuel price insights for your car whenever you need to fill the tank?

A Computer Science MSc student at University College London worked with IBM technology and an IBM Senior Inventor to create a Predictive Fuel Price Comparison Service App. 

You can use it to compare the price of fuel at petrol stations on your next journey, for any given location. Enter your vehicle registration number and your current postcode to locate the cheapest petrol station, today and tomorrow, within a few moments. 

It accesses live traffic data to map your best routes to the best-price pump. You can interact with the display of these routes to make a fast decision before you set out on your journey, whether it's your daily commute or a holiday trip.

The app uses IBM Watson Discovery to mine through online news articles covering fuel prices in the UK, then analyses them to predict whether fuel prices will rise or fall. The app also connects to IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding to gauge the sentiment of fuel retailers and supermarkets in the UK.

Plan your route to our demo stand, and see how you could use the app to start saving money at the fuel pumps.


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