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Portable server farm

The light goes on about lightweight microservices

What's going to convince developers that enterprise-ready products can be small and agile? Run them on a portable server farm, of course!

It uses MicroProfile and container technologies like Kubernetes. interacting with some of our demos at the Festival such as Liberty Bikes. If you cut power to one Raspberry Pi that's running  the game, the others take over the workload. 

It's all illustrated nicely by our hardware - well, what's a demo without some flashing lights, eh? 

Our Hursley development team is a major contributor to Eclipse MicroProfile, the open source programming model for developing microservice applications in an Enterprise Java environment that enables you to port applications across multiple runtimes. 

Like Microprofile itself, our demo challenges some mistaken perceptions that the Enterprise Edition of Java has to be heavyweight, cumbersome, and slow to deploy.

What an illuminating demo: it's not just on our server farm that the light's going on.


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