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Talk to your bank with AI

"When can I afford to buy that new bike?"

Imagine calling up your bank and asking a virtual assistant whether you can afford that holiday, or that new car. And your bank's virtual assistant answers you like a human being, not like an ATM, because it can offer you advice based on your balance and typical spending.

We've used Watson Assistant on IBM Cloud to create a system that can answer more complex questions about your bank account than just "What is my balance?" You could ask questions such as "can I afford to join a gym" or "can I afford a new laptop." Watson will then give you an intelligent response.

We'll show you how a bank builds brand loyalty with a digital experience appropriate for their audience. In our demo, that's eight-year-old Kevin, who is saving his pocket money to buy a special treat. He wants to talk to the bank like he talks to his parents. 

So the bank builds a virtual assistant that can access core banking applications without compromising the outstanding security, performance, and robustness of their existing installation. 

IBM CICS is the backbone of the world's financial systems. Banks, insurers, retailers, and healthcare suppliers rely on it to run their mission critical applications. If you use an ATM or check your balance on your phone, you are almost certainly relying on CICS. These companies rely on CICS to be available 24x7 on every day of the year.

CICS first appeared 50 years ago, and has been innovating ever since. Now we are helping you to do even more with your data, and helping business do even more with their existing applications. We do this by extending CICS applications in a modern, cognitive way with z/OS Connect and Liberty in CICS to extend key applications with JSON REST APIs.

Not that young Kevin cares about any of that. He just wants to know: "How many sleeps till I can afford my bike?"


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