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The Orchestral Operations Centre

Our Cloudant database is music to your ears

A database that sings... did our engineers get confused when we said "create a record"?

Well, we love it when our clients sing the praises of IBM Cloudant, the distributed database that is optimised for handling the kinds of heavy workloads you get with fast-growing web and mobile apps. 

Now there's a musical illustration of what's going on behind the scenes in a cloud database. Our tuneful demo is a 12-node Cloudant cluster that illustrates and soundtracks answers to key questions: how does a cloud database gets its work done? And why should you care about your database architecture?

Where and how you store and access data affects the stability and performance of your cloud applications. As cloud database technology develops and expands, you need to plan wisely as your application evolves, too.

The decisions you make about how data is written, read, updated, deleted and stored - and how often this is done - affects your app’s performance. Come and hear us make a song (and maybe dance) about that at the Festival. 


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