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On your bike

How App Connect helps Rory get home on time

Rory doesn't want to miss his train, especially as he has to cycle to the station to catch it in all weathers. But how can he know if there's a change to the timetable or a delay? Or whether he needs to allow a bit more travel and "drying off" time in wet weather? He's been caught out leaving the office just too late on just too many occasions.

He knows he could keep checking the timetable... and the departures boards... and a weather app... But he's got work to do in the office. He decided he wanted a way to combine all the available information and get a nudge to leave on time for his journey home.

So Rory used IBM App Connect to call REST APIs that get information about the train times. He had JSONata to manipulate the response from the API, and combined this with data from the The Weather Company so that he is sent a notification when it's time to leave. 

That can be a notification on his team messaging tool Slack, or a flashing light on his desk, or an email, or a text message to his phone. With App Connect and IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT), Rory can publish on many channels using the appropriate flow.

App Connect is a component of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, which runs on Red Hat® OpenShift®, and gives businesses complete choice and agility to deploy workloads on premises and on private and public clouds. 

Come and talk to Rory about his solution, and how App Connect makes setting up this kind of workflow easy. Rest assured, at the end of the Festival, he will know when it's time to get on his bike.


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