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Stay on the ball

How AIOps can keep a telco running during the big match

The Champions League is coming to Wembley. A UK team has just qualified for the final, so crowds are going to be huge. A big telecoms company wants to ensure their network stays up during this sudden peak demand.

The good news for Carlos, their site reliability engineer, is that he knows about this instantly. Watson Real World Insights can gather information from a variety of private and public sources to make predictions in advance, and track changes live on the day - offering suggestions beforehand, and providing revisions when things change.

Predictive insights are based on historical data, news reports, and weather forecasts. They incorporate data from the Weather Company, news feeds, and social media alongside Carlos's regular systems status. This is artificial intelligence for managing the IT ecosystem.

Carlos can harness this AIOps capability suite to help him maintain a high availability service. It reveals hidden patterns and context within his infrastructure that aren’t obvious, so he can avoid investigation, improve responsiveness, and lower operations costs.

This scenario won a recent global IBM Design Jam that brought together IBM designers, data scientists, and developers, who used IBM Enterprise Design Thinking methods to create an experience vision in a day.

Talk to our team about how they can exploit IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer, Natural Language Classifier, Natural Language Understanding, and Discovery Service alongside IBM Netcool Operations Insights.

Game on!


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