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Navigate the ocean of data

Open sharing makes it plain sailing for your metadata

Data and analytics affect every aspect of modern life: healthcare, government, manufacturing, telecoms, finance, retail, utilities, energy, and hospitality. The amount of data used and shared between them is like a huge lake. How can they surface the value of what they have without floundering?

Changing regulations mean they must all ensure the consistency and quality of their data - whether database schemas, formats, semantic information, business rules, ownership, lineage, movement, or usage. The problem is that products from different companies don't always work together well.

So how can a modern enterprise get more value out of its data as it develops new applications and analytics? Good analytics needs good data, and that needs good metadata. If you have good metadata, then your experts can find data quickly, ensure it's appropriate for what they're doing, and let their colleagues know how they've used it.

Non-profit organisation ODPi is simplifying and standardising big data with data platform and tools vendors. IBM's subject matter experts are essential contributors to that work. The outcome will make it possible for tools to interoperate by defining a set of open standard interfaces, message protocols, and frameworks for metadata management and governance.

They'll help automate the capture of metadata, with new tools that work with older tools and a variety of vendors. And all as an open source capability that allows a broad community to evolve it and use it in their own offerings.

Hear from our IBM experts how they've worked with Hortonworks and ING to create this open metadata and governance ecosystem, so that everyone can navigate the depth of the data lake without getting into choppy water.


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