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Watson murder mystery

Can you tell whodunnit when all the suspects are chat bots?

Dr Redshirt, the Lab Director at International Bot Machines, has been found dead. But who is the murderer? Can you work who had the motive, means, and opportunity?

Was it Brian the manager trying to climb the career ladder? Maybe David the developer was trying to save his job? Or perhaps Edwina the designer discovered a terrible secret?

The answer is elementary, my dear Watson.

This adventure-style conversational mystery is a hackathon project to demonstrate the capabilities of IBM Watson Assistant. It illustrates how chat bots can share a conversation context, as an example of how they can cooperate to solve problems. Each of the suspects is implemented as a chat bot in Watson Assistant, and they are brought together in the game with an app running in the IBM Cloud.

Even Sherlock appreciated having Watson as his assistant.


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