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Get the message to kids

Who knew messaging software could be so easy to use?

Our Developer Experience team challenged themselves to make IBM MQ simple enough to use that the team lead’s nine-year-old could write an MQ program. Come and see what this school kid helped them come up with.

The team wrote an extension for Scratch that uses the IBM MQ REST API to send messages. Now they have a great tool to help people to get to grips with messaging in general and IBM MQ in particular. Scratch is a programming language developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT, designed to help children aged from 8 to 16 to understand programming concepts and write their own applications.

Messaging is vital to how enterprises work, as it underpins many essential tasks a business has to deal with – employee records, customer transactions, banking… Without messaging, it would be nearly impossible to do these simple tasks safely and securely. 

We build IBM MQ in Hursley. It provides the enterprising messaging within IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, that runs on Red Hat® OpenShift®, and gives businesses complete choice and agility to deploy workloads on premises and on private and public clouds. The world's most successful enterprises trust IBM MQ  to ensure they receive the information they need, when they need it — and receive it only once. 

Our plugin demonstrates just how simple MQ is to use. It makes it easy to give demonstrations and build games so even young children can see the value. Developers and teachers are already using it. The code is open source and available on GitHub, so you’re welcome to submit your own projects and pull requests too.

You don't have to be nine years old to use it - if you're an MQ admin or technical expert, we'll let you play with it, too. 


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