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Message from the Moon

Steer home safely thanks to our Cloud Pak tech

Fifty years ago, IBM technology helped Apollo 11 land safely. Now imagine that astronauts have returned to the Moon again. You've collected data, taken photos, and are ready to leave: can you steer the spaceship home safely?

To do so, you're going to send events, receive messages, and transfer files. Don't worry, because you can do that from a single dashboard. Control the spaceship thrusters, watch out for asteroids and satellites, and transmit your data back to Houston.

Behind the scenes, you're using IBM Cloud Pak™ for Integration, knowing you can trust IBM MQ and IBM Aspera to reliably send messages, get real-time alerts, and move big data and digital content globally at high speed.

We develop IBM Cloud Pak for Integration at Hursley. Our clients use it set up the appropriate organisational models and governance practices to support agile integration, simplify the management of their integration architecture, and reduce cost.

It runs on Red Hat® OpenShift®, and gives businesses complete choice and agility to deploy workloads on premises and on private and public clouds. 

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration can connect everything everywhere, integrating three times faster at a third less cost - securely, for existing and cloud native apps, across hybrid, multicloud.

Ready to launch? No problem, Houston.


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Winchester, Hampshire,
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