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Lost in Hursley

No longer a maze - you'll be amazed

Nikhil doesn't know where "Jane Smith's office" is for his job interview. Matthew needs to find "Cooper Room" to meet a client visitor, and he's not sure if that's a person or a location. When he gets there, what can he tell her when she asks about the history of the building?

Meanwhile, Antonia's calendar says her next meeting's in DE2J10 - is that a room number or a map reference? Even if she works it out, how does she get there from main reception? And is the restaurant still open to grab lunch en route?

The Hursley site can seem like a maze. Our offices have been built, refurbished, reconfigured, and reorganised over 60 years. Even people who've worked here for decades can sometimes get lost.

We're used to using navigation apps for our journeys and search engines for our facts. What we needed was a system for our large and varied location. Or for any large site, from what we hear our clients tell us about about their own workplaces.

We've devised a "Concierge" app that can be used on mobile phones, the web, and on monitors around Hursley. You can use it to find people, places, points of interest, and facts. It'll devise a route to reach them and put it in the palm of your hand. It'll tell you when the on-site gym is busy, so you can work out when it's best for your workout. 

It aims to help anyone on the Hursley site, including those who work here, clients attending briefings, and other visitors.  "Concierge" is a multi-purpose on-site personal assistant, incorporating navigation function from our Client Partner NavVis alongside a chatbot to provide answers to site-related questions. 

Our intention is for it to become a central source of information for everyone to use in and around our unique site. 

Come and find us at the Festival - don't worry, we'll give you directions. And instead of facing a maze, you'll just be amazed.


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