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The Living Lab

How our IBM tech innovations are transforming our own work location

We use our IBM Hursley campus as a reference for the Internet of Things (IoT) technology and solutions. At the heart of our site is a Grade II* Queen Anne mansion. But there's nothing old-fashioned about our projects.
They showcase our technology to clients, and show how we incorporate tech and expertise from our IoT partners. They have business and environmental benefits for our site and the people who work there. They're a test bed for our own products.

And because they are created by own own developers, including those who have only just joined IBM, it fosters a culture of innovation and collaborate across our on-site businesses.

Come and see the technology we use, and hear about our projects, which include:
Healthy House: Enhancing the experience of clients who attend executive briefings in Hursley House, working around the challenges of a Victorian heating system and the legal restrictions of a Grade II* listing.
Weather Station: Installed on the roof of one of our buildings to provide local telemetry for our applications.
Healthy Water: Automated monitoring of the water system on taps and showers across our site to keep information current and to minimise the risk of Legionella.
Cooler Data Centre: Reducing the energy and cooling costs of our Hyperscale Cloud Data Centre using IoT technology to cut our power bill by the annual equivalent of 140 UK households.
Instrumented gym: Tracking usage of our newly-opened fitness and wellbeing centre to help employees.
The Orangery: Monitoring out plants to keep them healthy
Cognitive IoT Lab: A demo facility that includes examples of our work with business partners.
Minibus tracker: Keeping employees informed about where our IBM local shuttle service is.
Cognitive interaction: Star Trek lapel communicator for interacting with the campus.


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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