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Liberty bikes

Fast-paced four-player fun made with MicroProfile

Power your luminescent race bike through an ever-changing landscape in this fast-paced video game based on Jave EE and MicroProfile technologies.

Race against up to three other competitors, or against AI players. It's an online elimination game where you endeavour to eclipse your opponents.

Lay down a defensive wall as you travel, frustrate your opponents, avoid their vehicles and their walls... and watch out for the floating debris. Can you steer yourself to safety, or will you crash and burn?

Liberty Bikes is comprised of four microservices: authentication, game engine, player information, and front end. Each microservice runs on Liberty, but with a tailored technology stack depending on what the microservice needs. That ranges from the front end serving static HTML and JavaScript files to the game service using nearly all of the Java EE and MicroProfile technologies.

Experience MicroProfile and Java EE firsthand with Liberty Bikes. It uses the latest technologies of Java EE 8 and Microprofile 1.3. You've seen the Java EE charts. You've seen the lists of technologies. You've probably even heard how you can write 12-factor apps using these technologies.

Now Liberty Bikes puts these technologies in your hands so you can see, ask about, and use the latest APIs.

Enterprise Java technologies like Java EE have evolved with the industry for nearly two decades to support distributed application architectures based on RMI/IIOP, Web Services, and REST. The MicroProfile is the next step in that evolution.

Try it for yourself at the Festival, and ask questions of our on-site experts. You can check out the GitHub repository at or get some practice in advance at


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