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Colour me impressed with a Reactive platform 

Traditional enterprise applications are monolithic. They can be difficult to scale and maintain. Small independent services in a microservice architecture are more flexible, - and still meet the business needs to be scalable, resilient, and fault tolerant.

Akka is a free and open source toolkit and runtime that simplifies how you construct concurrent and distributed applications. Check out our kaleidoscopic visualisation of an Akka Cluster. Before your very eyes, see what happens when you have clustered actors running on Kubernetes using Java and Akka running on ICP - and one of the pods goes down. 

When actors or microservices fail, the Reactive platform actively reallocates resources depending on changing loads on the system. It's easy to scale services up or down to deal with changes in load. It's integrated with the underlying Kubernetes platform. Automatic fault tolerance recovers failed components, and work is automatically distributes as load changes. Plus event sourcing provides support for distributed persistence. 

IBM's Reactive Platform is an application development framework and runtime solution. It's offered by IBM in partnership with Lightbend, and is based on the leading JVM development platform for creating massively scalable, self-healing microservices on a message-driven runtime.

Use it to revitalise existing applications, and to build new ones,  that take advantage of advances in distributed architecture, cloud computing, and cognitive systems. 


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