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Tour: Internet of Things Lab

See how sensors, data, and AI are transforming the world

Devices now massively outnumber people on the web, and generate previously unimagined volumes of data. IoT technology is transforming businesses, creating new ones, empowering people everywhere, and offering new insights and opportunities across the world.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Lab is where we bring clients and business partners for Exploration of Technology, Proof of Concept, and Proof of Technology.

Right next door is our new Cognitive Lab. It showcases our Machine Learning and AI capabilities, along with how to interact with systems using natural language, vision, and audio.

Together, they illustrate how our technology is putting smart to work:

INSTRUMENT: sense and collect the data.
INTEGRATE: connect and move the data, and combine with data from other systems.
INTELLIGENCE:  bring the data to life with AI and machine learning, gain insights, and monetise it.

Find out how IBM helps our clients and business partners get the best out of this, and combine IBM ideas and technologies with theirs. By capturing and analysing data, we can help make decisions and take actions that will transform our world.

These Labs are the most popular demo facility on site.



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