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The IoT bus

All roads leads to Hursley with our local transport service

Carolina catches the IBM shuttle bus to Hursley, and wants to know when to leave home to reach her nearest bus stop. She's out of bed, through the shower, dressed... A cooked breakfast this morning, or is there only time for toast? 

At the bus stop, Carolina can see traffic is unusually heavy this morning. Unknown to her, there's a lorry blocking the motorway and traffic's starting to queue on local roads. Where is the shuttle bus now? Has it been rerouted? Will it be full when it reaches her stop? Is it even running today, or has it broken down?

Our Hursley developers are working on a simple app with a Node-RED back-end. It hosts a website that communicates via MQTT with instrumentation in the bus to update key information like the number of available seats, its destination stops, and current location.

The team plan to move the service to a React Native application. The idea is that passengers can download it, see all the current status data, and even advise that they are approaching a bus stop so that the driver can wait there just a little longer if necessary. 

Come and chat with our team about how they are approaching this work as part of Hursley's Living Lab initiative. Don't rush - if you're nearby, they'll wait.


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