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Intelligent fitness

AI puts information at your fingertips to design the ideal training regime

Sedentary lifestyles cause illnesses and premature deaths. Having a regular fitness regime is an intelligent thing to do - if you can stick to it. Maybe some artificial intelligence would help.

A Computer Science MSc student at University College London, who is also a triathlete, worked with IBM technology and an IBM Senior Inventor to create an AI weight training app. 

"Intelligent Fitness" prompts healthy behaviour, and makes suggestions for your next workout. It analyses your past workouts, assesses your mood and personality, and considers your level of fatigue and readiness. An associated "Fitness Invaders" iPhone game, based loosely on the classic Space Invaders, encourages a healthy combination of consistency and progression.

The app connects to Node-RED running two flows to access IBM Watson Personality Insights and IBM Watson Tone Analyzer. This adjusts the level of data it presents, to help you decide whether a rest day is appropriate. It asks for your permission to access the Health store on your mobile phone, in order to monitor your training load and level of recovery. This models your fitness based on your daily activity. It also accesses resting heart rate and heart rate variability to establish your readiness to train. 
This is all used to establish what and when your next workout should be. A functional fitness test tracks progress towards the target of being functionally fit. Consistent and progressive behaviour earns you rewards, with defence and attack "power-ups" for the Fitness Invaders app. 

So don't sit around! Come and pick up some details about this clever initiative, and you could be lifting weights, too.


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