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A unique gift combines social media and visual recognition

What present do you buy for a doting grandmother who can't decide what she wants for Christmas? If you're one of our IBM developer advocates, you don't buy anything. You make her something unique.

Travel distance  means grandma doesn't see her family as often as she'd like. But she doesn't much like social media, because she finds it too complex. So our inventive advocate created a picture frame that filters his Instagram feed to show her only pictures of her grandkids.

The Instaframe project uses Watson Visual Recognition to recognise, via a Chrome browser extension, photos of the grandchildren that he posts to his Instagram account. He processes the images with several serverless functions, and they are saved to a folder. An app based on the open-source Electron framework enables the pictures to be displayed, via a Raspberry Pi, on  a touch-screen. 

And the finishing touch is that it's in a traditional picture frame that fits with grandma's decor on her mantelpiece.

Our Instagram-famous advocate is a member of the IBM Developer Ecosystems Group. He and his colleagues provide inspiration, education and content to help every developer be successful. Come meet him and other members of the team, and see how they can inspire and assist you. Talk to him about how he trained the image recognition model, and ask him about some of his other projects: an AI-powered word-counter, a dinosaur vision project, and his bottomless hard drive.


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