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To infinity and beyond

The inside story from our team who sustain the IBM Cloud

Meet the Hursley team who provision, monitor, and control the IBM Cloud. We're of the world’s largest cloud providers, and support mission-critical workloads, including maintaining up to 10 million page views per day for The Weather Company. 

We'll tell you about the excitement and challenges we face to maintain this essential service, now including Red Hat OpenShift. 

Learn about our tooling and dashboard innovations to increase reliability and reduced “alert fatigue." Discover how we architect and deploy global networking, and our techniques for automatically detecting malicious containers.

We manage the infrastructure, platform security patches, and feature updates 24/7 for clients in healthcare, finance, transportation, and media. We give them access to pre-loaded, certified Cloud Pak content and ‘one click-to-deployment’ automation. 

That means they  can spend more time and resources innovating in the cloud, and incorporating high-value services such as AI, IoT, and blockchain.  

IBM Cloud is open, secure, enterprise-grade, and the only public cloud built for dynamic scale on Kubernetes - over 14,000 production clusters across thousands of enterprise clients. 

Now, with the launch of Red Hat OpenShift on IBM’s public cloud, clients have access to a flexible, fully managed service for OpenShift clusters with an optimised experience for deploying IBM Cloud Paks, pre-integrated sets of containerised IBM software. 


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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