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Immersive gaming

Connecting IoT devices to online games for fun and  accessibility

Personalise your gaming experience by connecting external devices with a simple customisation. This immersive experience means that, as you venture into the game, your physical lighting environment changes to match your experience, providing appropriate sounds, music, and lighting ambience.

Game play may even be used for patient rehabilitation, by connecting internet-connected equipment that suits a particular health condition.

Five Software Systems Engineering MSc students at University College London collaborated with one of our Senior Inventors. They used IBM technology with commercially available hardware and existing games engines to created Atmosphe.RED.

It's a Node-RED flow that supports games engines such as Unity and Unreal working seamlessly with multiple Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as Alexa, Raspberry Pi, and Philips Hue lighting. Their project documentation is on IBM Cloud.  It's initially implemented for seven different games.
An exciting next step is where the team is investigating how this could be used in healthcare. Data formats conforming to Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) can be used with Node-RED to create games that could provide a patient with a unique experience depending on their health condition and appropriate IoT devices. 

This engaging method of rehabilitation could help people of any age, and as a gaming solution would be particularly appealing for younger patients.

Come and see REDify, and maybe try it for yourself. Game on!  


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