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Healthy offices

Efficient buildings and happy employees is a winning combination 

We're creatures of habit, and working at our regular desk can be reassuring. So if your workplace has adopted "flexi-desking," a little change could have a big impact. 

Train delayed? Kids late for school? Bike tyre got a puncture? Even a five-minute delay might mean you don't get your usual spot at work because someone else got there first in a "flexi-desking" office. 

What could seem like a trivial inconvenience for one person may cause stress or anxiety for someone else, particular those of us who prefer a specific routine, or sitting with the same workmates. 

There are many factors that can affect staff wellbeing and productivity: fixed desks, natural light, temperature, air quality, noise. Even access to facilities like toilets or water coolers isn't straightforward - do you want them nearby, or do you prefer to stretch your legs once in a while?

Now there's no need for your flexi-desking employees to wander aimlessly around your building, looking for a space. They can use multiple third party apps that shows live data about free desks and rooms in your building, and what the conditions are like there.

An  app can display data captured from EnOcean sensors and sent via an iaconnects MobiusFlow gateway into the IBM Cloud, all based on the MQTT internet protocol originally co-created by IBM.

iaconnects is an IBM Ready for Watson IoT Business Partner that provides smart office solutions - and not just in flexi-desking offices. They are working with IBM and another business partner, KnowNow, to show how data from sensors in Hursley's fixed desk refurbishments can be analysed to make informed suggestions that benefit employees.

Come and see how to improve things for your buildings and occupants - whether that's office usage, building automation, assisted living, or asset management.


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