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Tour: Hyperscale Cloud Data Centre

Come and see the "machine room" of the future


What was once a static processing centre has transformed into our Hyperscale Cloud Data Centre (HCDC). It's a robust, scalable hybrid cloud for teams right across IBM UK Lab Campus, and elsewhere around the world in IBM. The HCDC can quickly and easily meet dynamic workload demands in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Come and see the "machine room" of the future, made reality today. And find out how we instrumented the facility with our own technology, to cut our power bill by the annual equivalent of 140 UK households.

For safety reasons, numbers are limited for this tour, so you'll want to sign up promptly for this on the day. There are raised floors for cables and air conditioning, and we'll ask you to bear that in mind if you want to sign up.




IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
Winchester, Hampshire,
SO21 2JN
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