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Fully Homomorphic Encryption

How can you hand over your data for someone else to process if you don't entirely trust them?

It's a classic conundrum in privacy: need-to-know versus need-to-share. What happens when you want other specialists to do computation the masses of valuable data that you have or even alongside their data, but you don't want them to know what's in your data? 

Maybe you want a medical specialist to analyse genomic information, but you don't want them to be able to read that medical data. You can encrypt your data in the cloud, but you couldn't process it unless you first unencrypt it. 

Now you can, with Fully Homomorphic Encryption. (Get that lingo - let's just call it FHE.)

The technology was shown to be possible a decade ago, but it's only recently that our data scientists have enabled it to work in a reasonable time. It has potential for the worlds of medicine and security. 

Find out more by talking to our IBM data scientists who are putting it into practice, and see examples of how they're doing it for real. 


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