Talk: Ferries, floods, and fearsome creatures

A day in the life of our Chief Technology Officer

Andy Stanford-Clark loves finding solutions to everyday problems. He instrumented his house on the Isle of Wight to send him a message when there's a window left open or a mousetrap catches something. He got bored of missing the ferry to Southampton, so he set up a Twitter notification service for arrivals and departures. 

Now he brings his expertise to solving problems for everyone. Andy will provide a lightning tour of his Day in the Life as the Chief Technology Officer for IBM UK and Ireland. He helps and advises clients on their business challenges, and has some fun while doing so. Projects he's worked on include a flood-warning system, and bringing dinosaurs to life at Blackgang Chine. 

It's not all fearsome creatures, though - he also devised an energy-saving way to keep animals at Marwell Zoo safe and warm in their enclosures.

Andy is an IBM Distinguished Engineer who co-created the MQTT protocol that's used  by IoT devices around the world. He has worked in software development roles and inspired many projects in the IBM Extreme Blue internship programme.

He is an IBM Master Inventor and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He's a visiting professor at Newcastle University, and member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. 


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