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Connect with your passengers

Our Cloud Pak software turns disruption into delight

Imagine a company called Zoom Air. Like many airlines, they help thousands of travellers every day get to their destinations across the globe. But like any airline, there are also sometimes disruptions to their schedule.

Customers like Naoki tell them that's their biggest source of dissatisfaction and stress. It's a pain to rush to the airport only to find that his flight's delayed, he'll miss his connection, his hire car's booked for the wrong time... and will he need that hotel room?

Now Zoom have a “postcode to postcode” journey planning service. It's a golden opportunity to intervene even before Naoki realises he's been affected. It creates and sends a new travel itinerary, just for him. That's changed a potentially stressful situation into a moment when Naoki feels Zoom has personally taken care of him.

Zoom Air use IBM Event Streams to distribute events between all of their internal systems, so that when their flight scheduling system spots a delayed departure it publishes events to update everyone about the new affected schedules.

Their system reacts to this stream of schedule change events, identifies passengers like Naoki who are affected, calculates the best alternative travel itinerary for each of them, and send it directly to each traveller.

Developed in Hursley, IBM Event Streams is our high-throughput, fault-tolerant, pub-sub technology for building event-driven applications. It provides enterprise capabilities on top of Apache Kafka. By using it distribute events throughout their enterprise, Zoom detect the impact of any disruption immediately and ensure travellers like Naoki are rerouted before he even notices.

It's part of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, which runs on Red Hat® OpenShift® and gives businesses complete choice and agility to deploy workloads on premises and on private and public clouds. 

So, Naoki has made his connection, and Zoom has connected with him. No need for him to rush for that taxi just to end up staring forlornly at the airport departures board. Naoki can check his smart phone, see his new schedule, and grab a complimentary coffee at Zoom's passenger lounge instead.


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