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Cognitive video search

It's AI for your eyes 

Content is everywhere. Typically the problem isn't creating it, it's making it searchable and available to users.  They want specific, bite-sized content, relevant to their needs and easy to find. If it's not, they won’t come back.

IBM has designed a way to search videos using natural language, with results delivered by IBM Watson. It doesn't just find the right video, it takes you straight to the scene you need. It's AI for your eyes.

Every year, the five-day Cannes Lions festival celebrates the value of creativity in branded communications. In the month after the event, they saw 20% surges in their website traffic, mostly viewing videos.

The IBM iX team were asked to design a new experience for their discerning audience. A platform to better allow delegates and subscribers to access the insights they want and generate new conversations.

They created an innovative AI-driven experience that ingested all the talks from the previous year's event, and all the upcoming talks from the current event as they happened. It also provided an opportunity to understand what users were looking for, because it identified their natural search behaviour and trending themes.

"Talks at Cannes" uses IBM Watson Media to understand and learn unstructured speech from each video, which Watson Discovery uses to identify the relevant scene and suggest related videos in a customised playlist.

Come and see this slick, hyper-personalised video viewing experience for yourself.


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