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Cognitive isochrones

AI can speed up searches for vulnerable high-risk missing people 

In the UK, a person is reported missing about once every 90 seconds. In London alone, the number of reported missing person cases has increased 77 percent since 2010 - a rate of increase that one senior officer has labelled "unsustainable."

Four IBM interns worked with Hampshire Police to find a way that technology could help them locate vulnerable high-risk missing people as quickly as possible.

The prototype uses IBM technology and ingenuity in an augmented decision-making and real-time collaboration system. Police and their search teams can speed up the searching process. It provides greater situation analysis, improves communications, modernises recording and evidence-sharing, and coordinates search progress.

The four developers were participants in “Extreme Blue,” IBM's premier summer internship scheme that’s now in its twentieth year. Four different teams are given three months to design, architect, develop, and test an innovative new product for an IBM client. 

Come and test their award-winning prototype for yourself at the Festival. And get them to show you what an "isochrone" looks like.


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