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Codewind turbine

Write, debug, and deploy cloud-native applications

We 3D-printed a model wind turbine in our Maker Space, to visualise how easy it is to write a simple microservice with Codewind. Set up a cloud application, and see it working by streaming weather data to the turbine, so it spins at different speeds depending on what's happening in real time.

Codewind is an open source project that simplifies and enhances development in containers by extending industry standard Integrated Development Environments (IDE) with features to write, debug, and deploy cloud-native applications. 

You can get started quickly with templates or samples, or pull in your applications and let Codewind get them cloud ready. Develop in containers without feeling like you are developing in containers, and code in the tools you use today, for the runtimes and languages you use today.

Codewind is used in the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications that our Hursley teams work on - a hybrid, multicloud foundation built on open standards, running on Red Hat® OpenShift®, that enables workloads and data to run anywhere.


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