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Talk: Changing the world - one block at a time

Insights into blockchain how it’s transforming our planet

Blockchain is the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but blockchain’s reach is far more than that. 

“Greatness isn’t having a technology, but the know-how to do something with it,” says IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. “What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions.”

Blockchain is establishing a safer, more affordable and sustainable food system. It’s helping to reduce plastic in our oceans. It’s combatting the flow of fake news. It’s making global shipping easier and more transparent.  And with hundreds of client engagements and dozens of networks in production, IBM is at the forefront of this revolutionary technology.

In this insightful talk you will learn about blockchain and how IBM is helping businesses benefit from it.

Matt Lucas is in IBM’s global blockchain enablement team. He helps clients understand and apply blockchain technologies, and works closely with emerging blockchain fabrics such as Hyperledger and Ethereum. He has previously worked on a variety of integration middleware technologies in our Hursley software development lab as a developer, product architect, and offering manager.


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