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You can bank on Cloud Pak for Data

Discover, transform, and analyse mortgage data with our end-to-end platform

Approving a mortgage application is a manual and resource-intensive process. Is the loan a safe bet or a big gamble? That depends on data like the client’s income, credit card debt, the sale price of the house, loan amount, and more.

But your data is useless if you can't trust it or access it. 

See how you can automate that process by building a machine-learning model that can predict the likelihood of any given client defaulting on their mortgage. Customers make their mortgage application with a web or mobile app, and you can decide whether to approve it in seconds, with no manual intervention. 

IBM® Cloud Pak for Data is a native cloud solution that enables you to put your data to work quickly and efficiently. Find it and connect to it, no matter where is. Organise it. Analyse it. Infuse it with AI throughout your business. 

With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, you're home and dry - and your customers can be, too.


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