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Access everywhere

LoRa reaches the parts that other networks cannot reach

Hursley is a beautiful site set in the Hampshire countryside. Our buildings have modern wifi connectivity throughout the offices. But our aspiration for Internet of Things goes well beyond that.

We want to instrument a wider range of items, such as our plan for the Plant Buddy you'll see at the Festival. What about connectivity on our sports fields, or around the site walking trail, or in the Sunken Garden, or within the connecting maintenance tunnels beneath the site? 

IBM co-invented the long range (LoRa) spread spectrum modulation technique than can communicate over distances of many miles, especially in locations like ours. It's ideal for sending small amounts of data from sensors, such as GPS coordinates and climate readings, where broadband can’t reach. The sensors require very little energy to operate, and most can run for a decade or more on a single small battery.

IBM is even using LoRa to help prevent rhino poaching. (Not in the Hursley grounds. But see if you can spot one in the House somewhere on your visit.) 

Now we are working with IBM business partner MultiTech to establish a site-wide LoRa network.  MultiTech has five decades of IoT expertise for industrial communication and services; they provided the world’s first commercially deployable LoRA-based suite of communications devices; and they are a founder member of the LoRa Alliance. 

Come and see MultiTech show the benefits of this communications tech, and how they enable IoT in industry - not just agriculture, but also utilities, connected cities, healthcare, and facilities management. 

You'll find everything you need to know about getting started with low-power wide-area network (LPWAN)  technologies, and the benefits of different ways to build your communication network - ownership, outsourcing, or central management. 


IBM UK Lab Campus, Hursley,
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